We always like to start with a discussion on fit, as well as who you have been able to source your clothes from in the past.

In essence we are trying to improve on the garments that you are currently wearing.  The easiest way to do this is to reverse the shopping process, by first developing a pattern using our try-ons & your body measurements.

How many times have you been shopping and after spending time deciding on which outfits you liked best, you weren't able to find your size because it was sold out.

We all have a favorite garment that we love and go to anytime we have an important meeting or event.  By reversing the shopping process we eliminate the need to search for garments that fit, we simply create them for you.

Shirts have 10 measurements and fit preferences, pants have 12 measurements and jackets have 15.  It may seem like a lot of detail but it only takes 15 to 30 minutes to accomplish.

Once we have a pattern on file that you like, we will then start to talk about style and fabrics.