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Bedford Super 120s Jacketing

This collection features luxurious Super 120’s Merino Wool in a 9 oz year-round fabric. Bold colors and patterns satisfies the seasonality of Spring/Summer & Fall/ Winter so you can confidently wear these garments year round.  30+ exciting new designs and color ways give this collection a fresh and exciting look.

Lt Grey Blue Check Jacket:K4-4073367  Trouser:C9-4072427  Shirt:N5-3753269
Lt Blue Brown Plaid Jacket:K4-4073370 Trouser:Z4-4071970  Shirt:N6-4072084
Brown Blue Plaid Jacket:K4-4073371  Trouser:Z1-3336900  Shirt:N6-4072084
Brown Blue Check Jacket:K4-4073374 Trouser:Z1-3336902  Shirt:N5-4071839
Lt Berry Blue Check Jacket:K4-4073375 Trouser:E1-3642480  Shirt:N6-4071986
Teal Lavender Check Jacket:K4-4073368  Trouser:C9-4072427  Shirt:N6-4071992
Blue Navy Check Jacket:K4-4073369  Trouser:C9-4072427
Berry Navy Plaid Jacket:K4-4073372  Trouser:Z2-4186913  Shirt:N6-4071975
Blue Brown Plaid Jacket:K4-4073373 Trouser:Z2-4186899  Shirt:N6-4071991
Navy Blue Check Jacket:K4-4073376  Trouser:Z2-4186905  Jacket:N4-3862519
Grey Blue Check Jacket:K4-4073377 Trouser:Z2-4186915  Shirt:N4-3862519
Blue Brown Check Jacket:K4-4073378 Trouser:Z2-4186900  Shirt:N3-3858282
Bedford Jacketings
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