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FC Cincinnati

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

We need 6 identical suits with custom linings!

A long time customer called and asked if we could make six matching suits for the management and coaches of FC Cincinnati who were attending the draft in Chicago.

All of the gentleman would be able to make one stop into our showroom to be measured, but the garments would have to be sent directly to Chicago to be worn. The draft was being held in Chicago in January and the team was practicing in Florida, which meant no fittings.

To make things even more complicated, three of the gentlemen were from Europe and were used to wearing suits that were extremely slim fit and they also wanted a custom lining with the team logos.

We had just six weeks to pull it off, we said a prayer that I had paid attention to all the details. It feels great when we pull something like this off. Thank you to FC Cincinnati for letting us play a small part in the draft.

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