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Design Challenge

Updated: Jun 25

Coordinated clothing from unique cloth

What started out as a visit to our friend, Gregg Fishman's fabric store in Chicago, ended up becoming a design challenge between myself & my wife Lynn.

A little background on my wife Lynn, she studied design at the Harrington Institute in Chicago and loves art, interiors and fabric. Which is why we love going to Chicago twice a year to visit the design showrooms.

The challenge was to make an outfit unique by using an interior fabric instead of clothing fabric that we usually source from the mills in Italy or England. We decided to use a fabric from the mill Vitale Barberis Canonico.

The rules of the game were that it had to be one jacket and three pair of pants to make more than one outfit. The pant fabrics had to serve different purposes.

One pant that you could play golf in that was cotton, a tech fabric that you could play golf in or wear to dinner, and a luxury pant that was made of linen.

Of course it had to have unique trims like colored sleeve buttonholes angled at 45 degrees. A handmade lapel buttonhole that was actually done in three colors; red white and blue. And of course, no coat would be complete without a custom lining that had a little bit of "bad boy" flair to it.

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