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Perennial Tech


Luxurious cotton has been combined with technology to create ComfortEase.  It is a 100% cotton natural stretch shirting with state of the art weaving and finishing technology.  This special production process allows breathability, great stretch and consistent recovery. 

Blue Sky Blue Check Shirt:N3-3858190
Blue Navy Check Shirt:N3-3858204
Sky Blue Navy Check Shirt:N3-3858208
Violet Navy Check Shirt:N3-3858209
Grey Navy Check Shirt:N3-3858211
Grey White Check Shirt:N3-3858228
Pink Self Check Shirt:N3-3858246
Black Diamond Dobby CSHT:N3-3858255


The same wrinkle resistance of ComfortEase has been the trademark of our TravelEase fabrics.  The TravelEase cloth is also treated at the yarn level, allowing the fabric to breath, have a softer hand and a polished look throughout the day.  100% cotton

Navy Classic Stripe Shirt:N3-3858270
Violet Prince of Wales Check Shirt:N3-3858295
White on White Dobby Solid Shirt:N3-3858304
Blue Herringbone Shirt:N3-3858311
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