Style is an important piece of what we do and occasionally we feel like costume designers working an a movie set. 

Take a wedding for example, there is a tuxedo for the big day and sometimes there is also a dinner jacket for the reception.  In most cases we plan for the rehearsal dinner and the morning after reception as well.

We do planning with our clients for all the events that they have coming up in the next 6 to 12 months. We want to make sure that they are prepared with outfits that are styled and fit correctly.

There are times where our client may want to be elegant but understated and then there are times where they want to be the peacock in the room, style is all about fitting your personality.

Every client is different and each has their own personal style;  it's our job to help incorporate that into their clothing and make it unique. 

We have the ability to add unique details to each of the garments that you would not see coming out of a traditional retail store.