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Norwich TravelEase

The Norwich Travelease collection is a selection of shirt fabrics that are wrinkle resistant and easy to iron.  This fabric is unique in that it is treated at the individual yarn level.  This allows for the fabric to breathe, have a softer hand and a superior drape.  100% cotton

Norwich Royal Blue Twill Check Shirt:N3-3340121
Norwich Navy Twill Solid Shirt N3-3340158
Norwich Violet White Check Shirt:N3-3340085
Norwich Black White Check Shirt:N3-3340086
Norwich Blue Classic Oxford Shirt:N3-3340137
Norwich Blue White Stripe Shirt:N3-3340088
Norwich Red Twill Check Shirt:N3-3340120
Norwich Red White Check Shirt:N3-3340103
Norwich Navy White Check Shirt:N3-3340104
Norwich Sky Blue White Check Shirt:N3-3340083
Norwich Sky Blue White Stripe Shirt:N3-3340093
Norwich Sky Blue Twill Check Shirt:N3-3340117
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